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We just opened up our new online store! For those of you who already know us, you can expect the same stellar service you are used to, and for you new guys, we offer high quality blinds and shades that are made to measure and come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 3 Month Warranty. So go a head and see if we have what you are looking for!

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 Receive a free notebook stand

Receive a free notebook stand

No shipping costs | no credit card required | no hidden fees
*Applicable conditions:
There is only one free gift per Amazon, getkeego account
This offer is only available to customers who purchase KeegoBlinds through our website getkeego.com or through an official seller on Amazon.com.
getkeego.com customer only needs to send the order number to the email address: kgreg@keepgoinggroup.com.
Amazon customer need to send the order number and the screenshot of five star review to the email address: kgreg@keepgoinggroup.com. And we will send the gift to you within 48 hours after confirmation.

Get notebook stand

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Keego is the brand and the manufacturer. There is no middle man here. We test every product before shipping out, and we handle any problems in-house with our friendly customer support team. There is also a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, and 3 month Warranty.

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KEEGO Amazon Store

The quality and service of all blinds sold at KEEGO Mall is the same as Amazon store, please rest assured to buy

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